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Custom Pocket Mug

Custom Pocket Mug

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• Send us a photo of a person at least showing the head to the lower chest in high quality to insert in the pocket (no pets/animals allowed). The better the quality of the photo that you provide, the better the draw will be.

• Send us a text with a maximum of 77 characters to insert in the pocket (spaces also count as characters). You can use our Character Counter page to help you to count all the characters of your desired text.


• The person in the photo will be drawn with the same style as the characters shown in Dank Memes Mugs & Meme Scenes Mugs.

• The position of the head & body of the photo will be maintained.

• The background of the photo will be removed.

• No modification requests of the original image sent are accepted.

• The font style used for the letters will be Bahnschrift Light Condensed like the other pockets in this shop.

• Your order will take normally an extra 2/3 days to be dispatched so our artist has the time to draw your pocket.

• You will only be able to see the draw of your pocket when your mug arrives at your address.

• Be sure you agree with all the conditions here stated like the drawing style and font style because refunds are not accepted in case you do not like your pocket, so order at your own risk.


100% Ceramic

Super Sale:

We want to reward all of our customers for being part of this successful journey. That is why we are offering €4.00 off on all of our mugs.

Care Instructions:

Clean in a dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and dish soap.

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